Recovery 365

12 Month M.A.T Recovery Coaching Program- a 3 Phase Approach to Addiction Recovery

suboxone doctor baltimore recovery 365Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is evidenced-based and has been proven effective in treating opioid-related use disorder. Simply stated, MAT reduces overdose deaths and increases retention in treatment long enough for patients to develop the skill and support needed for long-term recovery. It is the stigma attached to MAT that prevents many people from accessing this life-saving treatment. We don't shame patients who are prescribed insulin, cholesterol, blood pressure, or tobacco-cessation medications when other treatments and lifestyle changes have not been effective in controlling their conditions. MAT, combined with trauma-informed care and counseling in a treatment setting, can effectively treat patients who have not benefited from non-medical paths to recovery. Source: Local View: Address stigma to reduce opioid overdose deaths - Marcia Gurno

Recovery 365 Treats Our Patients Every Step of The Way

Some addiction treatment professionals are famous for quoting the definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". And since these same professionals have had decades to perfect their treatment model only yielding an average success rate of 10% to 15% nationally, perhaps it is time we seriously consider not changing people overnight or screaming at them "abstinence is the only way". 

Any famous motivational speaker or best selling self help book will advise you, "you must replace a negative behavior with a positive one". 

The Recovery 365 program 3 phase approach works towards empowering patients to achieve one small win after another by taking well thought out, well deserved steps in the right direction for their lives. 

Phase I. Provide patients with opiate withdrawal medication ie. Suboxone to remove their drug of choice ie. heroin or prescription painkillers. 

Phase II. Provide patients with healthier or less harmful short-term / long-term alternatives ie. CBD Oil, Medicinal Marijuana, Ketamine Infusion Therapy and or NAD Therapy

Phase III. Provide them with a compassionate recovery coach to carefully and patiently guide them through an immensely difficult time in their life. The coach aims to befriend the patient and become a role model in their lives by leading by example, showing them a new way of life should they choose to become completely 100% abstinent.

Preferred outcome - a life-changing paradigm shift, complete lifestyle change and spiritual awakening.