There are many different opiates people abuse on a daily basis, including; prescription painkillers, heroin, morphine, hydrocodone and others. Due to the pleasure a person feels when using these drugs, they become highly addictive in little to no time. Because of the abundance of opiate addicts in the country, there are many addiction programs offering suboxone treatment, including ours.

What Makes Addiction Treatment Programs Offering Suboxone Different?

One of the best ways of treating opiate addiction is through medication-assisted drug treatment. Medication-assisted treatment involves using suboxone to make the withdrawal symptoms easier and to help make recovery more manageable. Comprised of naloxone and buprenorphine, suboxone is a partial opiate agonist and doesn’t elicit the same effects that arise when opiates are abused, which makes it a safe medication to use for treating opiate addiction.

Addiction treatment programs offering suboxone are different because not many programs use medications, and these clinics are outpatient or facilitated in a doctor’s office and not in an inpatient setting.

What are the Benefits of Using Suboxone for Recovery?

It’s important to remember that with any type of medication, suboxone can cause side effects. When the drug is used for medication-assisted there are many benefits to a person’s recovery such as; reduced cravings, controlled withdrawal and a gradual tapering down until an individual is completely drug free.

While it’s true there are many addiction programs offering suboxone treatment, not all of these programs are alike. You need to make sure the program you select has a licensed doctor who has been specially trained and certified by the DEA to prescribe suboxone. Any program chosen should also provide weekly visits with the doctor to make sure the dose is accurate; a person is responding well to treatment and that any side effects are addressed.

Please contact our suboxone treatment center today to find out more information about our successful medication-assisted treatment, we promise to do whatever we can to help you achieve the clean and drug-free life you deserve. Our addiction programs offering suboxone are by far the most effective form of therapy for heroin or opiate abusers.