Maybe you never realized it before, but at Transformed Lives MD in Bowie, MD, our outreach recovery program allow someone to heal from their addiction issue. Many people residing in the state of Maryland are suffering and struggling with an addiction to heroin or prescription opiates, there is no end in sight to the problem either. As we wish to do our part towards helping people in the state recover,  we offer a medication-assisted treatment program that’s instrumental in helping people change their entire lives.

outreach recovery suboxone clinic

SDB support medicinal marijuana as an healthier alternative to highly addictive prescription painkillers.

What Will a Person Receive from Our Outreach and Recovery Program?

We understand everyone makes mistakes, it’s the feeling of our caring professionals that people shouldn’t be stuck in the vicious cycle of drug addiction without hope. Let’s face it, you’re not proud of your past, but you should never allow your drug addiction to stop you from achieving the future you’ve always wanted. Our outreach and recovery services are committed to reaching out to addicts in the state of Maryland and helping to guide them to a brighter future they so much deserve.

What Can Transformed Lives Offer People Suffering from Addiction?

Our recovery program offers immediate help for someone who is interested in medication-assisted treatment. If you’ve thought about getting help for quite some time now, the first step in finding an outreach recovery program is to contact Transformed Lives MD. We agree thinking about recovering from your opiate addiction could be scary, but with the services we offer you will find the answers to all your questions and discover how safe and renewing rehab can really be.

outreach recovery suboxone clinic bowie mdYou’ll Never Regret Using Our Outreach and Recovery Program

Life can be very difficult and with addiction things are only made more tenuous and uncertain. It’s vital to seek treatment from the right program because you are essentially trusting your health, well-being and future to the outreach recovery program you choose. If you feel ready to take a leap of faith and want to be confident in your choice of treatment program, please contact Transformed Lives today, discuss our MAT program and find out why it’s right for you.