According to Suboxone Doctors in Baltimore, MD

Since September 2016 there have been 47 overdose calls and total 87 people saved via Narcan administration by first responders in Baltimore, MD. It seems as if, judging from the emergency calls, that the heroin issue is the paramount issue; but it’s not. According to a Suboxone clinic in Baltimore, MD it’s the pain medication that is still the biggest challenge they face. But, there is yet another caveat; the pain medication Fentanyl and heroin are being mixed to form a deadly combination that is overdosing and killing people addicted to heroin everywhere and recently, here in Baltimore, MD.

Fentanyl is a pain killer that is cheap and easy to use as a filler for heroin. The people addicted to heroin who have used it have said in many interviews disturbing things like: “ If I am not close to death I’m not happy” “ It’s just the way our minds work, if I am able, I will travel miles for another lick”. And miles they do travel. They come from the next county or further to purchase the laced heroin unbenounced to them that this is what they are getting say Suboxone doctors in Baltimore, MD.

According to Baltimore police and fire rescue first responders, there is a rise in calls that seem, at first to be a small occurrence such as a minor incident with a car and then you get closer to the scene and find out it was much more than that. You wouldn’t think at first blush that a fender-bender could be automatically caused by a heroin overdose. But, according to Baltimore police they have walked onto a scene that looked benign, only to find a person or several people knocked out, overdosed that caused the accident.

Suboxone doctors in Baltimore, Maryland, have stated that NARCAN, though powerful in getting the patient to the ER is not a cureall. It is a blessing in the way that it will get the patient to where they need to go to make as certain as possible that they will not lose their life. But, it’s what happens afterward that is the issue. Immediate treatment is necessary if you want a patient to remain as functional as possible, and to date, Suboxone is the only way to do that.