Suboxone is a transitional replacement medication that can be used to help people who are trying to stop using opiates. The medicine is only available through a prescription, but many people don’t know much about it and are unsure if it works. Our Kentucky clinic brings new hope to Louisville residents, because we use medications like suboxone, vivitrol and Subutex to help people become clean.

Combination Drug that Saves Lives

Suboxone is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine, it effects the opiate receptors in the brain, but the drug doesn’t cause the user to feel euphoria from taking it. Naloxone blocks opiates from attaching to the receptors in the brain. Our new clinic has a licensed suboxone doctor on staff, waiting to help someone who is suffering from opiate addiction.

Suboxone Treatment Options

Many options are available to addicts when using medication-assisted treatment methods. Our new Kentucky clinic brings new hope to Louisville residents, because we accept state Medicaid, private medical insurance and we offer various options for people who do not have insurance. We believe everyone deserves a fighting chance to escape the horrors of drug and through medications like suboxone, Subutex and vivitrol, our clinic saves lives.

suboxone clinic and suboxone doctor in ky

medicinal marijuana as an alternative to prescription opiates.

Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!

Using suboxone and other FDA approved medications to treat opiate addiction is like fighting fire with fire. Although many people go through a traditional treatment program and fail, medication-assisted drug treatment offers someone the convenience of recovering at home while still going to work and attending to daily life. Our Kentucky clinic brings new hope to Louisville and offers an open door and helping hand to people who are struggling with opiate addiction. Contact our clinic today, talk to our providers and learn how you can finally have the life you have always dreamed about.