Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy is now being prescribed by Suboxone doctors, Ketamine doctors and Pain management doctors for treating depression, addiction, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses. RESTWORLDWIDE works in collaboration with a Lexington, KY Pain Management Doctor and a Lexington, KY Pain Management Clinic as well as a Bowie, MD Pain Management Doctor and Glen Burnie, MD Pain Management Clinic. In addition to pain management doctors in KY and MD, Suboxone Doctor Baltimore works with Ketamine Therapy USA to provide a list of Ketamine therapy doctors nationwide. It is this joint effort that is breaking down the walls the previously/currently exist between treatment providers.

Ketamine Therapy For Addiction, Depression, and Pain Relief

Suboxone is the new gold standard for treating opiate addiction. However, what we people supposed to do when they are struggling with chronic pain or acute pain and are unable to get relief due to “addiction history”? Or how do people get help with depression is suboxone doctors don’t prescribe any SSRI due to risk or concerns with complications. The barriers to treatment are causing 1000’s to go without drug addiction rehabilitation services and or mental health treatment. RESTWORLDWIDE is taking steps to tear those barriers down and remove limitations for providing substance abuse or mental health treatment services to those in need. Pain. Addiction. Depression. These tend to go hand in hand and it is important we address the issue of Dual Diagnosis.

Ketamine Therapy Doctors Prescribing Ketamine for Addiction

Prior to 2022, Ketamine therapy was almost unheard of as an option for addiction rehabilitation. However, more than ever as reports and positive testimonials pour in, Suboxone and Pain management doctors are turning to Ketamine infusion therapy first rather than last. Ketamine therapy is becoming the GO TO for treating addiction and some mental health illnesses. Please contact our Ketamine doctors today, ask for a complimentary consultation.

Alternative Medicines or Psychedelic Therapy

If you are interested in Plant Medicines or Ayahuasca Retreats or Sacred Mother Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Wetumpka, AL, please reach out to Spirit of Truth Native American Church in Alabama.

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