Some may wonder, why would Suboxone Doctor Baltimore be posting an article with the title Lexington, KY Ketamine Therapy Doctor Accepting Medicaid. We will do our best to explain our reasoning throughout this article. Suboxone Doctor Baltimore is proud to be part of RESTWORLDWIDE network of elite substance abuse, mental health, suboxone doctors, nurses, clinicians and Ketamine therapy doctors nationwide. Kentucky suboxone doctors and Maryland suboxone doctors are now working together to find more solutions to our opiate epidemic and growing concern surrounding depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses.

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Suboxone Doctor Baltimore is working in collaboration with RESTWORLDWIDE (Suboxone Doctors, Pain Management Doctors, Ketamine Therapy Doctors, Kambo Practitioners, Alternative Medicine Specialists) to create a network of elite substance abuse and mental health treatment professionals. Maryland and Kentucky are the first states to begin the process of recruiting Suboxone doctors, Ketamine therapy doctors and pain management doctors in Lexington, Baltimore, Rosedale, Bowie, and Glen Burnie, MD. Plans to expand this growing network begins new year 2023 opening up new locations in both states with new suboxone doctors, pain management doctors and ketamine therapy doctors.

Alternative Medicines or Holistic Plant Medicines – A new approach

Kambo detox or Kambo cleanse is another alternative healing method that people are now turning to over the more traditional approaches to pain, addiction and mental health illness. Kambo detox proponents state it helps them clear negative energy and feel more grounded. Some studies suggest this ancient medicine used by indigenous tribes may actually pull PTSD or stored energy or trauma from the cells allowing them to be restored to optimum health. For more information about Kambo, please visit this resource Kambo is legal in the United States. There are some Kambo Practitioners listed online. There are some Native American Churches that also provide Kambo healing ceremonies.