Louisville KY Suboxone Clinic Now Open and Accepting New Patients With Medicaid

The guiding principle of our Louisville KY suboxone clinics and doctors is to help our patients achieve a clean life by improving the odds of long-term recovery. Our treatment approach is focused towards total patient care, which means listening to our patients needs and employing a unique plan to help them recover. Through using medication-assisted drug treatment, we treat our patients thoroughly and give them the tools needed to leave our program totally healed. At our Louisville KY suboxone clinics and doctors, we focus on our patient’s addiction history. Once we have determined a person’s addiction patterns and history, we prescribe suboxone which is an FDA approved medication used for treating opiate addiction. We only prescribed medication-assisted drug treatment for patients we’ve determined it will benefit and the best way to find out if it is right for you is to contact our suboxone clinic Louisville program without hesitation.

What Can Louisville KY Suboxone Clinics and Doctors Do for You?

At our program, a patient will meet with a physician to receive an intake assessment and to determine their initial dose of suboxone. A patient will receive a prescription for a few days’ worth of medication, while the person’s tolerance and reaction to the drug will be monitored and assessed. After a couple days, a person will return to the clinic to receive a 1-2-week prescription, to further determine if the drug is working as it should. Patients who join our clinic are not assigned a counselor but can be referred, if needed.

louisville ky suboxone clinics and doctorsComplete Treatment is Key to Recovery:

Suboxone is a long-term treatment option for opiate addiction, and we’ve seen how well it works. Our Louisville suboxone clinics and doctors,  allow someone to heal while leading a normal, productive life, while caring for their families and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Please call us right now if you’re sick and tired of your opiate addiction, with time and effort, your life can become better than it’s ever been.