Opioid abuse in the United States is on an ultimate high, and SDT is fighting to change that. But there are still a few things that make this fight a bit harder. The most prevalent setback is that opioids are foremost prescribed drugs, so they are always on the shelves of pharmacies. So that means that at some point, someone has them even as prescription drugs. Unfortunately, its use can very quickly get out of hand and become an addiction. 

SDT helps you, who has fallen deep into that hole of opiate addiction, to get out. We use treatments like Suboxone treatment to counter this addiction. And soon, we will also have acupuncture, NAD therapy, and brain restoration as part of helping addicts from various substances. This brings us to our question, can Marijuana help in this fight asuboxone doctor baltimoregainst the use of opioids? 

Let’s find out. 

How Marijuana can help

It can help you avoid using opioids in the first place

Marijuana, specifically CBD, has immeasurable benefits like anti-inflammatory and pain relief which can prevent a person from getting addicted to opioids for pain in the first place. So instead of depending on opioids, one uses Marijuana. To some degree, that is being safer and reducing the rates of opioid dependence. 

Marijuana has lower rates of fatality 

The cases of opioids overdose leading to death are in thousands, and evidence supports that. But you rarely will you hear of any CBD overdose cases. So in as much as they are both addictive drugs, Marijuana has a meager fatality rate compared to Opioids. So the preference with most medics, including us, it is better for you to use Marijuana than Opioids for chronic pain. 

Marijuana’s benefits surpass pain relief

opiate addiction suboxone treatment baltimoreMedical CBD usage in the United States and beyond is used in far more than just pain relief. Marijuana has properties that help people regulate their blood pressure, mitigate anxiety and depression. CBD is also commendable as a potent drug for cardiovascular health, immunity, fertility, and so much more. And when compared to opioids for pain, Marijuana takes the lead. 

So yes, Marijuana is far more beneficial than opioids. 

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Our entire SDT family will love it if we get to the point that there are zero opioids addiction cases one day. And so, we do everything we can to help the ones affected get out of that hole. Give us a call today! For alternative treatment i.e Plant Medicines Ayahuasca Ceremonies