If someone is addicted to an opiate like heroin or OxyContin, it’s important to remember that addiction is a treatable problem. Opiate addiction and treatment programs for the disorder include a variety which specialize in this type of care. Our clinic uses many different strategies to treat opioid addiction, but our first line of treatment utilizes suboxone, which works for many people.

Opiate Addiction and Treatment Options

Once a person has become addicted to opiates, it is very hard to lead a well-functioning life and any type of healthy future. The disease of addiction destroys families, finances, and more. However, the bleak and dark path ahead of you doesn’t have to be the way you live your entire life, because with opiate addiction and treatment done the right way, a person can recover and heal.  Our experienced, caring staff understands how to treat opiate addiction and we can customize a plan to suit your needs.

What is the Strongest Opiate?

Opiates and opioids are interchangeable terms, and both are a single class of drugs which include prescription painkillers and heroin. While opiates are derived from opium poppies, some are synthetic, and both effect the brain in the same way. These types of drugs trigger the reward system in the brain and change its chemistry, which makes all of them potentially dangerous if abused.

opiate addiction and treatment

How Can You Get Clean from Opiate Addiction?

Opiate addiction and treatment are a must if someone is to have half a chance of getting clean. Opiates are some of the most difficult of all drugs to get clean from, but with suboxone and assistance from a trained doctor, every person has the best chance at recovering. If you wish to stop abusing opiates and wish to have a better future, please call our clinic today to get the help needed to save your life.