Untreated opiate dependence leads to death, it’s apparent from all the statistics showing the overdose death rates across America. Reviewing the number of opiate overdose deaths brings to light the perils of untreated addiction and how important it is to make treatment readily available and accessible to those who need it. People can find a suboxone clinic in many locations, but there aren’t enough by far, so it is vital to our providers to change things.

Why is There a Problem Locating Medication-Assisted Treatment Clinics?

The are a number of issues which present a roadblock for people seeking medication-assisted treatment for their opiate addiction. The most pronounced problem appears in rural communities which lack sufficient local resources, public transportation and few doctors who specialize in addiction treatment. There are currently about 3,600 physicians who are certified in addiction medicine, and in 2016, a law enabling nurse practitioners and physician assistants to prescribe buprenorphine was passed to help alleviate a lack of providers.

What Makes Suboxone Clinic Better than a Methadone Clinic?

An opiate agonist like suboxone will bind to the opiate receptors in the brain, reaching them before other opiates can, which blocks the effects a user may feel. Because the drug doesn’t give the user a stimulant or euphoric effect like methadone does, it makes it a much better and effective option for helping people recover from opiate addiction. Another benefit of using a suboxone clinic over a methadone clinic is there’s no need for entering a long-term treatment program, which is a better option for people who can’t devote a long period of time for inpatient care.

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SDB support medicinal marijuana as an healthier alternative to highly addictive prescription painkillers.

Why Should You Consider MAT for Opiate Addiction Recovery?

A different approach to typical addiction treatment could encourage more people to seek treatment for their opiate addiction. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) works wonders because it is safe, effective and the treatment offers more convenient options available through a licensed primary care doctor, nurse practitioner or physicians assistant who is legally able to prescribe the medication. To learn more about suboxone and the services offered, please contact our suboxone clinic network today for further assistance.