Recovery is not one size fits all

Most individuals think that using the medication Suboxone for treating opiate addiction is a bad idea. Some believe it is like trading one problem for another, but this isn’t true. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the use of FDA-approved medications with evidence-based therapies can be effective at treating addiction issues.

When medication is used in conjunction with professional opiate addiction treatment, it is called medication-assisted treatment or MAT.

Opiate Addiction Withdrawal Medication Suboxone

Beating an opiod addiction and going through the recovery process is commonly highlighted by strong cravings and a high potential for relapse, even after someone has left rehab. However, those cravings can be managed and controlled using medications prescribed by a licensed medical physician.

Through a combination of medication and therapies that teach effective coping skills, a recovering addict can manage triggers and cravings, thus preventing relapse.

Challenges for Medication-Assisted Drug Treatment

One of the most common challenges for medication-assisted drug treatment is the abuse of the medications used to treat cravings. Some users have such intense cravings they start to abuse the medication that is supposed to be helping them get clean.

For these reasons, it is very important for anyone who is interested in MAT, to discuss the matter with a licensed medical professional. Getting the medication from a medical professional who isn’t trained and certified by the DEA, can make a bad situation much worse.

Do You Want to Begin Medication-Assisted Treatment?

If you are interested in exploring the options available through opiate addiction treatment, you will be surprised at everything that’s available. For further assistance or to locate a program that offers medication-assisted drug treatment, please contact 410-777-8900 today. We care about what happens to you and will help put you in touch with the right program to enable you to start becoming the happy, healthy, sober person you are meant to be.