When you make a decision to receive treatment for opioid addiction of any kind, whether it be from heroin itself or opioid painkillers, it can be overwhelming. According to Suboxone clinics in Baltimore, MD there is so much information out there about opiate withdrawal medications that is both positive and negative as well as misinformation and fear mongering, that it’s frustrating. But, what most people want to know is what to expect once treatment begins. We will cover that here in brief. While most steps are true for all patients, there are extenuating circumstances involved with some. Please feel free to use this as a guide to help you make the most educated choice possible.

Steps to Receive Suboxone Treatment

First, the patient must be in active withdrawal mode to begin with Suboxone doctors in Baltimore, MD but only moderate state of withdrawal is necessary. The amount of medication needed is then determined. The amount of the Suboxone administered will be individual for you. The Suboxone is administered in a sublingual film; this means it is dissolved under the tongue.

Second, this is the maintenance phase. This occurs only when the Suboxone doctors in Baltimore, Maryland sees that you are no longer experiencing uncontrollable cravings; having no withdrawal symptoms and experiencing only minimal side-effects if any at all.

Note: we must stress that when you are in the maintenance phase that you are also responsible for staying clear of illegal drug use; prescription drug use; handling your meds as well as engaging in private, group or some kind of psychological counseling.

Last, this is the taper phase. You should work with your Suboxone doctors in Baltimore, MD to come off the treatment according to a stringent treatment plan. You are responsible for working with your doctors to heal at this point.