Suboxone can provide somebody with relief from heroin or prescription painkiller addiction. The drug is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for treating opioid use disorder and it can make addiction recovery possible. At our suboxone clinic Baltimore, we prescribe medication-assisted treatment or MAT, as part of a total treatment plan to help our patients recover from opiate dependence.

How Does Suboxone Compare to Methadone?

Methadone was first introduced as a replacement for opiates back in 1947. Despite it being successfully used in addiction treatment for many years, methadone is causing serious addiction issues in many people. Today, our suboxone clinic Baltimore prescribes the medication because it is safer than methadone, it doesn’t require someone to visit our clinic every day and it has a lower potential for abuse.

Is Suboxone Addictive?

In a word, yes, suboxone is addictive because it is a member of the opiate family. The medication should only be used when it has been prescribed by a suboxone doctor as part of an overall treatment plan. When someone is receiving suboxone as part of medication-assisted treatment, he or she will be monitored throughout the recovery process to ensure the drug isn’t being abused and to verify the person is using it as prescribed. The overall goal of using suboxone is to stabilize a patient who is addicted to harder drugs, then to gradually wean them down to become clean from all drugs.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Baltimore Because We Can Help:

Don’t wait until you almost die from an opiate overdose before you decide to seek professional drug treatment. Opiates are some of the most powerful drugs and very difficult to stop using, which is why your best chance to recover is through our suboxone clinic in Baltimore. We accept state Medicaid, private medical insurance and payments, you will be seen the same day and given the individualized MAT services needed to turn your life around.