A family doctor was quoted as saying, “They don’t understand” by WKYT. The doctor who has been practicing family medicine since 1986 turns his office into a Suboxone clinic two days per week. The doctor acknowledged that he often has lines that he has no control over outside of the clinic on those days. Jackson Chief of Police Ken Spicer reported that his officers have been called to disturbances a couple of times a week over the past six months in
the medical plaza.

Does a Suboxone Clinic have to worry about security?

Dr. Mark Jorrisch from the Society of Addiction Medicine was reported to have said that Buprenorphine “is becoming the pill mill of a few years ago.” “Yes, Buprenorphine is an opiate. If you take it, you will develop tolerance, and if you stop you will go into withdrawal,” The doctor also said words to the effect that the drug does good for many people, it just needs to be in the hands of people who can manage this disease well. The doctor didn’t seem to think that prescribers of Suboxone should have lines outside of their office.

Some law enforcement agencies reportedly seem to think that Suboxone is being abused at a rapid rate that hasn’t been seen since the OxyContin pill mills years ago. Reports over the past year have claimed that illicit sales of Suboxone on the streets and in prison have constantly risen. People are coming from out of state, different counties, and some illicit sales reportedly are taking place right in the parking lot. Doctors are charging $200 to $500 per patient per month for Suboxone maintenance; certainly their suboxone clinic could afford to have outside security.

suboxone doctor baltimore recovery 365 programCan Suboxone become addictive?

The fact is that Buprenorphine can cause dependency, produce euphoria, and cause a high or buzz. There is a monstrous black market for the drug both for addicts who want to
treat themselves, and those who want to abuse the medication. When Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals first manufactured the drug, there was no protocol to get patients off the medication and no long-term trials to see long-term effects.

Prescribers need only to take an eight-hour online course to be certified as a doctor who is certified. They don’t need any other training or knowledge in addiction medicine other than the few hours they get for licensure originally. Dr. Jorrisch has the correct idea that Suboxone can be effective when in the hands of professionals who know how to manage the disease well. Treating patients like cattle and lining them up for their medication seems problematic at best. If a doctor is going to prescribe Suboxone and reap the benefit of the payoff, the doctor should treat patients full time.

If there are shootings, fights, drug sales, or any other illegal activity going on in the parking lot of a medical office that is a problem for the doctor, the patients, and the general public won’t be safe. Suboxone is supposed to be a solution to help save lives, not a method for any doctor to line their pockets with cash. The Hippocratic Oath extends beyond the operating room.

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