At our suboxone clinic in Louisville KY, we offer treatment for people who are wrapped up in opiate addiction. Usually, people who are caught in opiate addiction can’t just walk away from their drug of choice, they need a medically supervised detox and treatment using suboxone. Quitting cold turkey almost never works for opiate addiction, so it’s important to get the help you need if a clean life is what you want.

What is a Suboxone Clinic in Louisville KY?

At a medical-assistance treatment program for opiate dependence, a person can receive suboxone which in addition to medical care, can help them get through detox comfortably. Regaining a “normal” quality of life which is free from the cravings and discomfort of withdrawal is not impossible, and with the help of our suboxone clinic in Louisville KY it can become a reality. We care about our patients and we will do whatever is needed to help someone beat their addiction and finally have the joyful and fulfilling life they’ve always wanted.

When was Suboxone Approved for MAT?

Suboxone was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to use for treating opiate addiction in 2002. The medication suppresses withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but it doesn’t allow the user to feel euphoria, because it blocks opiate effects for 24-hours. Suboxone has a lower potential for abuse and misuse, which makes it a safer and better alternative to methadone.

suboxone rehab louisville kyChange Your Life Today!

At our suboxone clinic in Louisville KY provides supportive care, treatment and compassion to people struggling with opiate addiction. Our clinicians don’t judge, ridicule or shame people for coming to us with an opiate addiction, because we know you have been beating yourself up and dealing with deep feelings of self-hate. Please contact our clinic today for further assistance and to find out how we can help you beat your addiction and make all your dreams come true.