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When someone decides to stop using heroin or other opiates, going into a residential treatment center isn’t an option many can manage. Not everyone can drop their entire life for months at a time, which is why using medication-assisted drug treatment (MAT) is ideal. Consulting with a suboxone doctor in Louisville KY is a good idea if you want to get clean, because these professionals can help change your life.

Deciding to Visit a Suboxone Doctor in Louisville KY:(502) 561-3464

The first step in becoming clean is to visit a suboxone doctor Louisville KY and it’s easy to find one in your area with our assistance. The number of doctors in a particular area will vary, but you can contact a potential doctor’s office to find out if they are accepting new patients and how much they charge for an initial consultation. If someone has insurance, ask if the clinic accepts it and if not, find out about any payment options up front to make sure you can it is something you can afford.

What Happens at a Suboxone Clinic?

The initial visit to a suboxone clinic can take about 45-minutes to an hour. The doctor usually has paperwork for a prospective patient and it will entail answering questions about a person’s addiction history. After the paperwork is completed, the doctor and patient meet and go over the information about the person’s drug history to get an idea of the situation.  After this has taken place, a doctor will determine how to proceed with MAT and give the person all the information needed to start the recovery process.

suboxone doctors in louisville ky accepting medicaidHow to Recover with Our Help: (502) 561-3464

How long have you been addicted to heroin? Is your life in complete shambles due to drug addiction? Are you ready to change? When you are ready to give up opiates and are committed to embracing a clean future, please contact our suboxone doctor in Louisville KY right now, because we are here to help you.