How do you find help for your opiate addiction?  Which doctors are accepting new patients?  Where are doctors that accept Medicaid? Which doctors have affordable payment options? All these questions are something for people seeking treatment to think about. Having suboxone doctors that take Medicaid can help addicts recover and it may save countless numbers of people from an overdose.

Is it Hard to Find Suboxone Doctors that Take Medicaid?

Baltimore is swallowed up by heroin addiction and the rates of overdose are staggering. One of the biggest obstacles facing the state is a shortage of doctors available who are DEA-certified to prescribe suboxone. Unlike methadone, suboxone and Subutex can be safe and effective for treating heroin addiction and these medications can be taken at home.

The major reason why there’s such a shortage of suboxone doctors that take Medicaid throughout the United States is because many physicians don’t do not have the ability to prescribe suboxone. Additionally, many doctors do not want to be labeled as a “drug doctor,” despite the horrible way in which opiates are killing people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, religious affiliations and economic status.

What Can Suboxone Doctors Do to Help Stop Opiate-Related Deaths?

The one thing many heroin addicts have in common is having a medical condition that required a prescription painkiller. Many people start out with having a legitimate reason for taking opiate painkillers and over time, a doctor will cut them off cold turkey which leaves them desperately addicted and having no option but turning to street drugs for relief.

Suboxone doctors that Medicaid know how bad the epidemic with heroin has become in their city. Because of the skyrocketing death rates due to heroin and other opiates, our providers make sure our treatment is affordable, accessible and we work with as many people as we can to help save 1000’s of lives from drug overdoses and loss of life. Call Suboxone Doctor Baltimore today and schedule your initial consultation so you can get the help you need and deserve!

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