We understand that locating suboxone doctors that accepts Medicaid can be a daunting challenge. We are contracted with most major insurance companies, and we accept Baltimore state Medicaid. We believe that through accepting most major medical insurance plans and Medicaid, our program is different than most and we are able to help more addicts than most other treatment programs.

Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid: Get Help Now!

Our network of suboxone doctors in the Baltimore area are certified to prescribe the medication. They have received training which covers topics like pharmacology, patient assessment, safety and effectiveness, dosing, urine testing and patient confidentiality.

Suboxone is the very first medication that was approved by the FDA for treating opiate dependence. The medication can also be dispensed for take-home use which is similar to medications prescribed for other health conditions. The goal of prescribing suboxone is to help a patient reduce opiate use, to manage the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and to help them enter recovery.

How Long Do People Take Suboxone?

The length of time someone is required to take suboxone to become clean will vary per person. Some people need to take this medication for a short length of time, while others will need to take it longer. It really will depend on how well you respond to treatment, if you are able to avoid relapsing, and many other factors too complex to explain.  It’s always best to find suboxone doctors that accepts Medicaid to find out more information about cost, length of treatment and other important details.

We Have Suboxone Doctors that Accept Medicaid

Our program only uses suboxone doctors that have been properly trained and are certified. It is our belief that no matter how badly you are addicted to opiates, our program can be the life-saving help you need.