Suboxone is also known by the names buprenorphine and Subutex, and it is a prescription medication used in medication-assisted opiate treatment (MAT). The medication helps people reduce or quit their dependence on opiate painkillers or heroin. At our suboxone treatment center in Louisville KY, we see many people addicted to opiates and we’ve helped them become clean and you can too.

How Does Suboxone Work?

Our suboxone treatment center in Louisville KY employs the services of a doctor licensed and trained for using the drug for MAT. The United States Food and Drug Administration first approved the medication to be used in treating opiate addiction in 2000, and we’ve seen its benefits and effectiveness. The drug is classified as an opiate agonist, and it works by binding itself to the receptors in the brain to which opiates are attached.

The mechanism of action with suboxone is to block the high feelings a user experiences and because of how it reacts in the brain, the drug makes it easier for a person to go through withdrawal and it curbs the cravings for their opiate of choice.

What Happens at a Suboxone Treatment Center in Louisville KY?

Although medication-assisted drug treatment using suboxone is done at home, a person should still be monitored by a suboxone treatment center in Louisville KY. It’s important to be supervised by a medical doctor because the drug can become addictive if a person doesn’t take it as prescribed or starts abusing it. What happens at a supervised treatment center is medical care, a treatment plan is implemented, and a person goes through the rehab process while being drug tested and monitored to ensure it is safe and that suboxone is working properly.

suboxone rehab center louisville kyDetermination and Hard Work = Clean Life

If you or somebody you love is wrapped up in opiate addiction, it’s important for you to realize your life is in danger, because these drugs are deadly. Opiates are some of the most difficult drugs to get clean from and our suboxone treatment center in Louisville KY knows what it takes and can help you recover. Please call us today if you are ready to beat your addiction and will put in the hard work and dedication needed to earn a clean life.

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