Suboxone treatment is intended to aid those who are battling an addiction to opiates. It’s not a treatment option for addictions to cocaine or methamphetamine, if a person has these issues in addition to an opiate dependence these will need to be addressed separately. Our program will give a person individualized, compassionate care and treatment. We don’t judge someone for their issues, and we treat everyone with respect and consideration.

What Can a Person Expect from Visiting a New Suboxone Treatment Clinic?

A person visiting a new suboxone clinic for the first time can expect several things to happen. On the first appointment, a suboxone doctor will discuss a person’s addiction history and take a physical health history. After filling out paperwork and talking to a suboxone doctor, a person will be registered as a new patient.

Some suboxone doctors will prescribe suboxone on the first visit, while others will require a person to return for a second visit and possibly be drug tested to determine what kind of drugs are in their system. Follow-up visits after a person has been prescribed suboxone are not as complicated. A doctor will monitor someone as they go through the recovery process, while gradually tapering them down from suboxone and helping them become totally drug-free.

Here’s What You Can Expect Us to Do for You:

The opiate epidemic is the worse drug crisis in the history of the United States. Last year in America, overdose deaths killed more people than the Vietnam war. Our promise to clients is to thoroughly assist them throughout the entire healing process. Our Suboxone treatment program.

Many people with an opiate addiction issue also suffer from mental health issues and we know this. For these reasons, we will ensure the person is able to get off opiates effectively and we have the needed resources to point them in the direction of a high quality mental health professional.

Trust us to help you when you need it the most, please contact our Suboxone treatment program today and let us provide you with the tools and assistance you need to get clean, once and for all.