The United States is currently facing a serious issue with opiate abuse and overdose related deaths. President Trump declared opiate addiction as a national emergency and there’s no area of the country that hasn’t been touched by it. With the millions of people who are addicted to opiates, the best chance to become clean is through the assistance of telemedicine services using medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with suboxone.

How Much is Opiate Addiction Costing Society Each Year?

Every single year, the opiate epidemic is costing the American economy $78.5 billion each year, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control. More money is lost in workplace absences, lost workplace productivity, criminal justice involvement, addiction treatment and 15,000 lives are lost. Remaining addicted to opiates doesn’t have to even be an option anymore, because with our MAT program, anybody can afford to become clean.

How is Our Program More Affordable than Long-Term Treatment?

With the high cost of inpatient opiate addiction treatment, many people are putt off of the idea of doing it. In the quest to save lives, our program is different than others because not only do we accept private medical insurance, but we offer affordable self-pay options and we take state Medicaid. For people who cannot reach our physical location for a visit, our telemedicine option offers treatment which is easily accessible at a time when it’s needed the most.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Today: 410-777-8900

We offer an intensive outpatient program for opiate addiction, using suboxone for MAT and telemedicine services. Our program doesn’t discriminate against anybody for any reason and even if you think we can’t help you, it shouldn’t prevent you from picking up the phone to find out more information. If you’ve been seeking an affordable, compassionate, opiate treatment clinic that offers suboxone, we are the answer and we will not let you down, so pick up the phone and contact us today.