Louisville, KY Suboxone Clinic Now Open, Accepting New Patients – Medicaid | Lexington, KY On It’s Way!

Suboxone is a medication given to patients who are undergoing treatment for an addiction to opiates. While it is also an opiate it produces less of a high when compared to other similar drugs. At our top suboxone rehab in Louisville KY, you will be given a physical, fill out paperwork concerning your addiction history and then meet with our doctor to discuss the treatment you need.

Choosing the Best Suboxone Rehab in Louisville KY:

A person who is seeking addiction treatment has many choices, but it’s important to find the right treatment center. Choosing a treatment center is not a decision to make lightly or in haste, because this is the place you’ll go for care and if it’s not the right one, you’ve wasted your time and not started the healing process. When you are seeking out a treatment center, you should choose one with a proven track record of success and one that has everything you need to recover.

Do You Need Inpatient or Outpatient Care?

Many people don’t realize with medication-assisted drug treatment, you don’t need to stay at an inpatient treatment program for several months. With medications like Suboxone and Subutex, we help a person regain control over their life, we help them on the path to healing and we ensure they have everything they need to be successful at the journey. If you have questions about our top suboxone rehab in Louisville KY, please contact us right now and talk to one of our caring treatment experts.

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SDB supports medicinal marijuana as an alternative to prescription opiates.

Why Should You Trust Your Care to Our Rehab Center?

Because you’ve probably tried and failed at other treatment methods, or maybe you are a person who can’t devote an extended period of time to inpatient care, you should consult with our top suboxone rehab in Louisville KY. We know how hard it is for you to seriously think about getting clean, we know how difficult it can be to picture your life without drugs, but we can give you the assistance and tools you need to make all of your dreams come true.