Telehealth for Addiction Treatment New but Effective

Telehealth services are being used in many different areas of healthcare, including drug addiction treatment. With a wider reach, better care and unlimited availability, our clinic offers medication-assisted treatment for those impacted by opiate addiction living in the Fells Point, MD area. Today, with most people having access to the internet via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, using telehealth for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) just makes sense.

What Kind of Online Support is Offered for MAT?

With the revolution of telehealth services, our services are better quality, our patients receive better care and we are easily accessible any time of the day or night. Because much of people’s lives are taking place online for convenience purposes, we have worked with our suboxone doctors to adapt our MAT program to allow patients to receive care and treatment securely online. An online treatment plan enables a patient and loved ones to access supportive services, treatment resources and education whenever needed.

Virtual Care for Residents in the Fells Point, MD Area:

With the telehealth provisions our program uses, we have increased patient engagement using virtual consultations and our goal is to deliver patient care regardless of obstacles. Our program accepts any insurance, we offer same day appointments, we have no waiting list and we accept Medicare and state Medicaid. Our program serves those living in the Fells Point, MD area who are seeking MAT services but have no other options.

Contact Our Program Today for Dedicated MAT Services:

Call us today if you need MAT treatment and can’t find a location near you that can help. We don’t require a clinic visit because we are able to offer telehealth services for people who live in the Fells Point, MD area or in any other location. To begin your road to recovery and to receive the help and support you need, contact one of our addiction medicine experts now.